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Telling the Time Telling the Time

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Brill! Even better than "Battle of the 2 richards"

Hey Vishal!
In case you hadn't realised, this is Martin Sears!
Very good movie man... I like these sorts of things with deeper meanings and stuff!
What I really loved though was the style and animation. For most of it I was thinking "He's done a very good job making it look 3D", but when it came to the bit with the big crazy sun-clock thing rotating, I thought "ok, he's taking the piss now"
so did you actually use some kind of funky 3D add-on software, or did you just use normal 2D flash and put it down to your artistic abilities... if its the latter, I am very impressed and a teeny tiny bit jealous.
Anyway, it'd be good to hear how you made everything look so smooth and shiny... I could do with some tips in that department... my stuff is still very cartoony, although it has progressed since the days of "akeshes hair lotion"
anyway speak to you soon... i have my own flash animation to make... im putting all my stuff on a site too so I'll give you the address when its done! Laters mate!

supafly50 responds:

martin! yeh i did use a 3D application - swift 3D, although i'm still tryin to get used to it... but yeh, i'll speak to u soon man, thanks for ur post!

All About Joe All About Joe

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Hey man! In case you hadn't guessed this is Martin! Bloody nice animation there. You mustve done all that well quick cos you didnt use any of the version you sent me the other week. It was wicked though. My favourite parts were the little touches like the flashing O on the hotel sign, and the way the baby teeters over the edge of that hill before rolling down it.

I agree with what the other reviewers say... The graphics in this is quality, as is the style and the idea.

Good idea submitting it to newgrounds to get some feedback. Im glad you havent got any bad reviews yet... Theres usually one crazy american who writes "you are gay and you have no penis" (i actually received that exact review for one of mine. A bit un-necessary, i felt)

anyway, good job. make some more stuff and send me it, or even better, put it on here and make a name for yourself!

see ya later mate

ps: i still havent worked out how to get such good shading effects, and that funky bumpy-outline look. You know the one i mean. Any tips?

harrypotter 2 parody 2 harrypotter 2 parody 2

Rated 5 / 5 stars


EXCELLENT GRAPHICS! very inspirational for other flash animators like me... gets me wanting to make my own harry potter movie

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Penalty Master Penalty Master

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


hello... this is the person who made "that lego island game"!! sorry i got in the way of you getting to first place! heheh, maybe you should have waited till the next day to submit it!

your game is quite bloody good though, to be honest. i hope we will see more from you soon!

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Sir-Davey responds:

Lol! It's ok, i love your game thoguh!!

Who Wants To Be A NG Fan? Who Wants To Be A NG Fan?

Rated 4 / 5 stars


this is really wierd! i had this exact idea the other day and i was going to start making it... i wont bloody bother now. it was very good, and much better than mine would have been! thats quite strange though!!

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TomokoSasaki responds:


NG Card Game NG Card Game

Rated 3 / 5 stars


its well made